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No Microtransactions for Final Fantasy VII PC Enhanced

by Ron Duwell | July 10, 2012July 10, 2012 3:30 pm PST


Square Enix has put a lot of speculation to rest about microtransactions being included in the upcoming Final Fantasy VII enhanced PC release. The latest version of the game will include a mysterious “Character Booster” option which will allow gamers to boost their characters for difficult battles. Namco’s Tales games supported a similar idea through Xbox LIVE, allowing gamers to purchase level-ups and items rather than the traditional means of “grinding.”

Kotaku looked into the matter by calling Square Enix, and a representative confirmed stating:

“No, the Character Booster will not cost real money to use. We’ll have final pricing info on the game to share soon, but we can confirm that there will be no microtransactions for the upcoming rerelease of Final Fantasy VII on PC.”

However, no comment was given on how the “Character Booster” will actually be used. Limitless abuse will pretty much kill the entire point of the game, unless it’s just the story you’re after. Where will gamers draw the line for how acceptable this is, or will “complete the game without using the Character Booster” be one of the game’s confirmed achievements? More speculation…

The Final Fantasy VII enhanced PC edition does not have a release date yet.

[via Kotaku]

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