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Microsoft’s Purchase of Perceptive Pixel is a Head Scratcher

by Roy Choi | July 9, 2012July 9, 2012 6:00 pm PST

Microsoft CEO Steve Balmer announced Monday the purchase of Perceptive Pixel Inc, a touchscreen display developer. You may be familiar with Perceptive Pixel displays from CNN’s coverage of the 2008 U.S. Presidential elections.

Balmer discussed Microsoft’s strategy over the coming months and it’s ability to compete in new segments (e.g, Windows phone, Surface).

While initially it is intriguing what new wall-mounted touch screen will come from Microsoft, this technology doesn’t seem all that much different than the recently-abandoned, original Surface.

Is this relationship nothing more than a giant Windows 8 enabled PC? Or is this Microsoft’s way of protecting the Surface and other Windows tablet manufacturers from the impending patent trolling that is bound to happen as it has happened amongst Apple, Samsung, Google and Motorola in the mobile sector?

Either way, it seems like an odd purchase when you already have your own similar technology in-house.

[link: Reuters]

Roy Choi

Roy Choi is a Southern California native. He has been infatuated with technology reviews ever since he bought his first crummy laptop in the summer...