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BlackBerry App World Passes 3 Billion Downloads Milestone

BlackBerry App World

It seems like its all bad news for Research in Motion these days, but the Canadian company does have something to smile about today after its BlackBerry App World surpassed 3 billion downloads.

The marketplace currently sees around 2.5 million downloads each and every day, and according to the BlackBerry maker, that number is increasing, which is a promising sign. Furthermore, this number does not include downloads from third-party BlackBerry stores, or apps downloaded directly from developers.

It took App World 768 days to reach 1 billion downloads, and 210 days to reach 2 billion downloads. However, it only took 176 days to reach the 3 billion mark.┬áThat’s despite increasing competition from Android, iOS, and Windows Phone devices, which have all contributed to RIM’s decline in recent years.

While we’re on the subject of rivals, despite today’s figures it will be some time before BlackBerry App World catches up with the App Store. Back in January 2011, Apple’s service surpassed the 10 billion downloads mark, less than three years after its debut. But believe it or not, BlackBerry App World actually has the largest amount of revenue per app at $9,166.67 compared to $6,480.00.

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