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Apple’s Curved Glass Wearable Mobile Device Conceptualized (Video)

by Todd Haselton | July 8, 2012July 8, 2012 1:30 pm PDT

In December, 2011 The New York Times published a story that suggested Apple was working on prototype wearable computing devices. The original thought was that Apple was planning to build a product that could be worn on the wrist, sort of like how one might turn an iPod nano into a wristwatch.

Now, one designer named Frederico Ciccarese has created mockups of a more powerful device — it looks like an iPhone with a curved screen — that could strap around a user’s hand. We’re not digging the Wolverine claw-like design, which looks uncomfortable, but imagine the tight grip around the wrist could provide data on a user’s heartbeat and more.

We’re guessing that Apple’s other patented wearable-computing idea, which will compete with Google Glass if it ever comes to fruition, will be much more useful.  There are several concept images, but you’ll probably find the video above more intriguing.

Apple Wearable Computer Gallery

[via 9to5Mac]

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