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RIM CEO: Potential of BlackBerry 10 is Worth the Effort

by Brandon Russell | July 7, 2012July 7, 2012 2:00 pm PDT

thorsten-heinsIn an encore to some comments Thorsten Heins made about the BlackBerry 10 delay, the RIM CEO on Friday fielded reader questions for The Globe & Mail to clear up why, exactly, he ultimately made the decision. “The goal of BlackBerry 10 is to bring some of the best technologies in the world together in a seamless environment,” Heins said. “Simply put, I could still see some of those seams.”

Heins also mused that realizing RIM’s ambitions with BB10 “is not easy,” but he wholeheartedly believes the “potential of BlackBerry 10 is worth the effort.”

The questions echo many of the concerns consumers and industry veterans have had during RIM’s continued plight: Why is BB10 delayed? “We need more time to integrate all of the features we have built for BlackBerry 10,” Heins said; Will RIM go running to Android or Windows Phone 8? “We determined that the best way to build value for our stakeholders and do right by our users is to unite devices and software with BlackBerry 10 – building each from the ground up so they work together without a hitch,” Heins responded. Etc.

Perhaps the biggest inquiry of all came when one reader asked why he should wait with Apple and Android devices “making BlackBerry obsolete.”

By giving our teams more time with BlackBerry 10, we could deliver a mobile experience unlike anything we’ve ever done. I believe the reason you should wait is because, you’ll see that BlackBerry 10 is not just a fresh coat of paint on an old operating system.

There’s really no surprise revelations from the question and answer session, but it’s an interesting peek behind the current at what’s driving RIM at the moment, and why BB10 has faltered. Hopefully the company is learning from its mistakes, and it can deliver “the only completely new mobile platform on the market,” as Heins put it.

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