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Developers Find Workaround to Enable Android Tablet UI On Nexus 7

by Brandon Russell | July 6, 2012July 6, 2012 9:30 am PST

google-nexus-7-landscapeWe’re splitting hairs here, but one of our biggest annoyances with the Nexus 7 was the fact that there was no landscape mode from the home screen. Basically, because the screen is so small, Google chose to implement a phone-like UI, rather than what’s seen on a 10.1-inch tab. Luckily the Nexus 7 is already in the hands of developers, because a simple workaround has been found to enable landscape by forcing Android’s underlying tablet UI.

All it takes, according to AndroidBugle, is a simple modification to the build.prop. Currently, the pixel density value is set to 213; modifying that figure to 170 (160 supposedly works as well) causes Android to switch and, ultimately, make it so users have landscape.

As one would expect, not everything scales correctly, so it’s a matter of whether or not you really want landscape or not.

[via AndroidBugle]

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