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Bryan Singer’s H+ Web Series Offers Pro-level SFX, Awesome Trailer (video)

If there’s anything that cautionary tech tales like The Dollhouse, The Matrix and eXistenZ have shown us, it’s that humanity should be really concerned whenever anyone wants to jack anything directly into us. Now there’s a new scifi story about to unfold that will warn us yet again.

In Bryan Singer’s H+, a corporation named Hplus Nano Teoranta has a new piece of tech to keep everyone connected to the Internet in a more straightforward way than any smartphone, tablet or computer could accomplish — by implanting a tiny bit of hardware into the body. Displays get replaced by augmented-reality eyesight, and input works via mid-air hand gestures. But problems erupt when a virus enters the system — and by “problems,” I mean the near-extinction of humans. Post-apocalyptic insanity ensues.

This is a scifi story of an epic scale, so it would only be reasonable to think the series must be heading to a fall broadcast or cable lineup. But no, it’s a web series distributed via YouTube. But unlike low-budget, amateurish passion projects so often found there, this one has a great pedigree, thanks to Warner Bros kicking in a little seed money and Bryan Singer — he of X-Men and The Usual Suspects fame — producing the series. That would explain the visibly high production value here. (You simply can’t tell a story like this with cheesy special effects.)

H+ has generated quite a bit of anticipation ahead of its August 8th launch (at Comic Con), and judging by the trailer, it looks like it’s well-deserved. The clip simply looks awesome, and if the initial reaction to the first episode is positive, it would pretty much seal the deal on a bona fide success and pave the way for more professionally produced, web-only content.

Check out the trailer above and let us know what you think of the action. Are you as excited as we are by the looks of this?

[via BadAss Digest]

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