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The Chevy Volt is Kicking the Nissan Leaf’s Tail Pipe

by Mike Perlman | July 5, 2012July 5, 2012 7:30 pm PST

The Chevy Volt outside Stephen King's house

For five straight months, the Chevy Volt has outsold the Nissan Leaf in the U.S. Leaf sales are falling behind Nissan’s projected figures while Chevy’s electric hybrid seems to have a firm grip on the alternative fuel market.

In June, Chevy sold 1,760 Volts alone. Now let’s compare that the the 535 Leafs Nissan sold last month, and things don’t look too pretty for the Japanese automaker. There have been 8,817 Volts sold within six months this year, which bests the entire 2011 sales year over over by 1,000 units.

Nissan says that Leaf sales and deliveries will improve once the opening of the Tennessee plant is official, but for now the silent hatchback sits in the shadow of the almighty electric hybrid. Despite Nissan’s optimism, Leaf sales are taking a significant plunge.

I attribute falling Leaf sales to the car’s niche status. It’s really only viable in cities or for short commutes to work with access to a charging station during the day. The Chevy Volt doesn’t bring on the range anxiety, thanks to its gas-powered backup engine. Although the Leaf averages an additional 30 miles of range compared to the Volt, that won’t affect close commuters, and it still means that long trips with the Leaf are ruled out.

Why do you think the Chevy Volt is outselling the Nissan Leaf?

[Via: Autoblog]

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