Secretly Record 5-0 Pullovers with the ACLU Police Tape App!

by Mike Perlman | July 5, 2012

Cops can record you, so why can’t you record them? That’s the ideology the New Jersey branch of the ACLU is attempting to promote with its newly announced Police Tape smartphone application. Police Tape (available for Android now and iOS later in the summer) enables civilians to record audio and video stealthily via a smartphone without the officer knowing. The application actually disappears while recording and saves audio/video files to a very remote location on the phone, making it hard to find and access by an officer.

Police Tape also contains legal information about citizens’ rights in a variety of different environments. Developer OpenWatch donated the time and expertise necessary to develop Police Tape for ACLU-NJ, and it’s offered free of charge.

Now I’ve got to set up a discreet iPhone tripod mount on my truck dashboard…


Mike Perlman

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