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Recent iOS and Mac App Crashes Connected to Corrupt Apple FairPlay DRM

by Brandon Russell | July 5, 2012July 5, 2012 10:30 am PST

iphone-4s-app-store-iconYou may want to steer clear of Apple’s iOS and Mac app stores for the next few days, especially if you have any updates waiting in queue. Reports over the July 4 holiday have poured in about apps crashing due to corrupted binaries, which are allegedly linked to Apple’s FairPlay DRM, Instapaper developer Marco Arment said.

According to Arment, Apple’s addition of the DRM is causing apps to immediately crash once launched. So far, apps such as Instapaper, GoodReader, PDX Bus and Angry Birds Space HD Free are known to be affected, with more throughout Apple’s digital wonderland likely infected as well. Arment said some regions have been hit, while others haven’t experienced the issue.

Apple is aware of the problem and is currently working to correct it, though no timeframe has been nailed down for a fix, ArsTechnica said. I haven’t updated any apps in the last few days, so I haven’t noticed an issue. All I can say is I’m glad apps don’t update automatically.

[via ArsTechnica, The Verge]

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