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Nexus Q Made in the U.S.A – But What About its Components

The $299 price tag for Google’s Nexus Q has been accredited to the media orb being made in the U.S.A., but what does this really mean? A recent teardown by the folks over at iFixIt shows that the device still has international innards — as one might expect.  It turns out that the Nexus Q’s components come from Europe, Asia and of course the United States.

The most notable of the Nexus Q’s international internals are its USB 2.0 and Ethernet Controller chips. Aside from these more commonly known components, the Q’s NXP Semiconductors and TXC 8.00 MHz Crystal Quartz Oscillator come from abroad. All foreign and domestic components accounted for; iFixIt awards the Nexus Q with an 8 out of 10, labeling it “easiest to repair.”

In Google’s defense, it’s almost completely unrealistic to expect any consumer electronic to be 100 percent made from materials produced in the U.S. For a complete look at what makes the Nexus Q tick, check out the full teardown via the source link below.

[via: Phandroid, iFixIt]



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