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Mighty Switch Force HD added to Wii-U Launch Line-up

by Ron Duwell | July 3, 2012July 3, 2012 4:30 pm PDT


Down on the Wii U launch line-up? WayForward Technologies doesn’t want you to see it that way. The team famous for their refusal to move beyond a 2D plane will retool their latest side-scrolling game, Mighty Switch Force, for the Wii U, and Nintendo Power has stated it will hopefully manage a launch release.

WayForward is completely overhauling their original game which was released as a Nintendo eShop title for the Nintendo 3DS. Along with the HD graphics comes completely redrawn sprites and additional levels through DLC, and the game be both playable on a televion and the Wii U GamePad.

Mighty Switch ForceĀ stars Patricia, a spunky police officer charged with pursuing escaped fugitives wreaking havoc on her home world. Her jumping and shooting bring back that spirit of Japanese Super Nintendo platformers WayForward loves to cram into their original IPs. Much like the old school platformers, every character needs a gimmick to stand out from the crowd, and what stops Patricia from being just a female Mega Man clone is her ability to phase platforms in and out of existence. This opens up a wide variety of traps, shortcuts, and puzzle solutions possibilities for Patricia’s timed missions.

The game is available for the 3DS through the Nintendo eShop, alongside WayForward’s most popular game Shantae: Risky’s Revenge and two other games in the Mighty, Mighty Milty Way and Mighty Flip Champ.

[via Nintendo Power]

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