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Kindle Fire Easier to Repair than Nexus 7, iFixit Says

by Todd Haselton | July 3, 2012July 3, 2012 8:30 am PST

Nexus 7 Teardown iFixit

The screwdriver-toting crew over at iFixit has done what they do best and ripped Google’s brand new Nexus 7 tablet down to its bare silicon bones and has reported back that the tablet is less repairable than the Kindle Fire. The group gave the Nexus 7 a repairability score of 7 while Amazon’s Kindle Fire has a score of 8, which signifies it’s easier to replace parts or fix on your own.

iFixit found that the Nexus 7 only has Phillips #00 screws, which means you can use a regular screw driver to get inside of it, and you can also replace the battery without needing to know how to solder. Similarly, the I/O ports can be replaced without requiring a brand new motherboard. “The LCD does not separate from the display glass, increasing repair costs,” iFixit noted, however.

iFixit also found that the Nexus 7 tablet features 1GB of Hynix H5TC2G83CFR DDR3 RAM, which is the same RAM that’s used in Apple’s MacBook Pro with Retina Display.

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