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Bill Gates Calls the Microsoft Surface “The Best of Both Worlds”

Bill Gates recently sat down with Charlie Rose to talk about his recent trip to India and his philanthropic work. Even though the conversation was focused on Gates’ good deeds, the topic of Microsoft and its new Surface tablets managed to come up for a bit. When discussing Microsoft’s latest endeavor Gates mentioned the importance of a device’s form factor and how you can have a few signature devices that show off the difference between a tablet and a PC.

Gates admits his obvious biased opinions in favor of Microsoft; and goes on to say, “Surface is the seminal event of taking the best of two worlds and bringing them together.” When discussing the future of tablet computing, Gates stressed the importance of reaching critical mass in order to receive sufficient developer and manufacturer support. For a closer look at what the former Microsoft frontman has been up to, check out the interview in its entirety via the source link below.

[via: The Verge, Charlie Rose]


Mark Hearn

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