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Instagram Finally Allows You to Add Comments & Like Images In Your Browser

Instagram comments likes update

Instagram has always been a smartphone-centric service that allows you to do very little outside of its official applications. In fact, until today, the only thing you could really do outside an Instragram app is view images in a web browser, providing you had the link. Now you can add comments and like those images, too.

Instagram’s website has received a much-needed update today, and it introduces a fresh new user interface — painted blue — that looks a lot more like its mobile apps, as well as some new features. The most notable of which is a new side-bar that sits next to each and every image and allows you to add comments and likes.

This is the first sign of Instagram’s expansion beyond mobile apps, and it’s a very welcome one. There’s still a long way to go before you can really enjoy Instagram on your PC, however; users still don’t have the ability to view a gallery of their own images, or find friends.

Despite its limited functionality, we must say, Instagram looks a whole lot better in a web browser than it did before this update.

[via The Next Web]

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