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iCloud Beta Preview Introduces Web-Based Versions of iOS Apps

by Mark Hearn | July 2, 2012July 2, 2012 6:30 pm PST

Apple has opened its iCloud beta portal to developers currently participating in its iOS 6 beta program. This upcoming offering will bring web-based options for Calendar, Notes, Reminders and Find my iPhone. Find my iPhone, of course, is not a new feature, but it now provides a battery life indicator, and reminders and notes are new additions to the portal.

Thanks to iCloud, iOS device users will soon be able to remotely use these applications when away from their device. In its current form developers with beta access can use Notes to compose and edit existing memos in near real-time and update their Reminders and Calendar.

It’s great to see Apple broadening its ecosystem by keeping its platform accessible to users no matter where they are. These welcomed new features are expected to land in tandem with the release of iOS 6 sometime this fall.

[via: MacRumors]

Mark Hearn

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