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Buffalo Gear: Nexus 7, Android Jelly Bean and Nexus Q

Google Nexus 7 Nexus LogoNexus 7

$200 is all Google is asking for its Nexus 7. That, Buffalo, is quite the steal. When the Kindle Fire hit late last year, folks gravitated toward the budget-friendly tab in droves. But one nagging factor afflicted the Amazon-bred device: It was by and large a sluggish experience, especially compared to the iPad. Android tabs in general aren’t the most fluid devices in town. Google’s Nexus 7 looks to rectify that reputation. With a Tegra 3 chip, 1GB of RAM and Android Jelly Bean, the Nexus 7 has the specs to take on any high-end device, let alone devices in the $200 range.

Google-Android-Jelly_Bean-5.0-WideAndroid 4.1 Jelly Bean

Google added a laundry list of updated features in its newest Android iteration. It may not be the jump to 5.0 as some were expecting, but that doesn’t mean its any less exciting. Chief among the more interesting improvements in Jelly Bean is something Google dubbed Project Butter. Let’s face it: Android can stutter and lag. It has a tremendous feature set, particularly in ICS, but one criticism the OS has always faced is its sometimes sloth-like performance, which is especially apparent when compared to iOS. Not anymore with Jelly Bean. Its the best OS Google has ever put out.

nexus-q-darkNexus Q

What are you, Nexus Q? Google’s spherical discovery from the outermost reaches of space is billed as a social media player designed for the Google Play store. Basically, it’s meant to take over your living room. But does it have the form, function and quality to overtake other, more established devices on the market? That’s a tough sell, especially for its $299 price tag. Still, there’s no denying its beautiful hardware design and overflowing potential. Potential, of course, only means so much.

As unabashed gadget lovers, TechnoBuffalo is always on the look out for the latest innovations in design, function and user experience. Unfortunately, we just don’t have the capacity to cover every product out there and, as a result, many worthwhile products subsequently don’t get the coverage they deserve. That’s why we’re introducing a weekly roundup of Buffalo Gear: a visual collection of some of today’s most awesome gear and gadgets. From electronics, to toys, to stuff for the outdoors, these are products we wish we owned.

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