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Source Filmmaker Coming from Valve for Free

by Joey Davidson | June 27, 2012June 27, 2012 12:00 pm PDT

Ever wonder how Valve goes about making all of their incredible shorts and marketing materials? Well, they have a team that developed an in-house program they called the Source Filmmaker. Watch the recent “Meet the Pyro” clip for an idea of what the program is capable of.

It’s basically an epic toolset that allows movie creators the ability to get inside the action of a video game, and then repurpose every item, motion and character in order to shoot, frame and create a flick. Judging by the video above, it’s immense.

It’s also going to be released to the Steam community by Valve…for free.

Head to the source link below in order to sign up for your free beta key. Keys are limited, so don’t be too shocked if you don’t get one.

The Source Filmmaker will arrive soon in its full form.


Joey Davidson

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