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Indie Platformer Spelunky Dated for July 4th

by Ron Duwell | June 26, 2012June 26, 2012 10:00 pm EST

Microsoft wants to wish its audience a Happy Independence Day with a good old fashioned grass roots indie game. The highly anticipated remastered edition of Spelunky finally has a confirmed release date of July 4th on Xbox Live.

Spelunky began stealing gamers’ hearts back when released in 2008 as a freeware game. The platforming gem provides a never ending array of fun opportunities generating randomly created levels and objectives each time the player starts a new game. Collecting treasures, escaping giant boulders, battling ghosts and snakes; more adventure is packed in this game than a typical outing with Indiana Jones.

The upcoming Xbox Live edition replaces the pixelated graphics from the original with an HD make-over as well as adds four player multiplayer, additional playing modes, and a new soundtrack.

The original game can be downloaded at the game’s main website for free, but the HD Edition will run gamers 1200 points on Xbox Live.

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