Brand New BBM UI Exposed in Alleged BlackBerry 10 Images

BlackBerry 10 BBM

RIM’s BlackBerry 10 is expected to launch later this year and yesterday we learned a bit more about the first devices that will hit the market. Now, fresh images that purportedly show RIM’s new BlackBerry Messenger application have surfaced thanks to the folks at N4BB. The shots suggest that RIM will take advantage of a black theme to save battery life by up to 75% — which corroborates nicely with rumors that RIM’s new phones will sport OLED displays. If you’re unfamiliar with the tech in an OLED display, the screen typically turns off the black pixels as needed, which can indeed help save battery life. We dig the green/blue color scheme in BBM and imagine that this can be customized depending on the theme you choose. Magenta, anyone? Hopefully we’ll hear more from RIM on new BlackBerry 10 features soon.

[via The Verge, N4BB]

Todd Haselton

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