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Study: U.S. Still Cuckoo for Cell Phones (infographic)

While Europe might be less infatuated with mobile phones than they once were, it seems we Americans still can’t get enough, judging by a recent study from Lookout.

The mobile security company contracted Harris Interactive to survey American smartphone owners about their “mobile mindset,” in order to gauge how people feel about their devices and explore the behavior they show around them.

None of the findings are really all that shocking, except when you contrast them to how users in Spain and France seem to be “so over” the mobile phone thing. But based on Lookout’s results, Americans probably won’t be echoing that sentiment anytime soon.

From the study:

We can’t bear to be unconnected…

…not even for an hour… Nearly 60% say they can’t go an hour without checking their phone. Younger users were the guiltiest of this: Of users ages 18-34, 63% of women and 73% of men say they don’t go an hour without checking.
…or when we go to bed… 54% check their phones while in bed: before they fall sleep, after they wake AND in the middle of the night.
…or even when we need “to go.” Almost 40% check their phones while they’re sitting on the toilet.

When it comes to our cell phone usage…

…we are rude… 30% check their phones while dining with others.
…and dangerous… 24% check their phones while they’re driving.
…and kick propriety to the curb. 9% check their phones at church and other houses of worship.

We have serious separation anxiety about our phones. 

94% worry about losing their phone.
73% were panicked when they actually lost their phone.
38% are mostly worried about the expense and hassle of replacing it.

So freaked are we about the prospect of being without a phone, that a term has been coined for it: Nomophobia (as in “no more mobile phone” phobia).

Do you suffer from Nomophobia? And how long do you think it would take the U.S. to fall out of love with mobile phones, like other parts of the world (or are you skeptical it would ever happen)? Weigh in.

[via GeekSugar, source, infographic based on images and data by Lookout’s “Mobile Mindset” study (PDF link here)]

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