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Google: We Are Committed to Providing “Amazing Google Maps Experiences on iOS”

by Brandon Russell | June 23, 2012June 23, 2012 4:00 pm PDT

Google MapsNow that Apple’s breakup with Google Maps is official, don’t think for a second the search giant isn’t cooking up a rival app for iOS. Commenting on a Street View exhibit at the Computer History Museum, Google’s Jeff Huber hinted that, in no uncertain terms, the company plans to bring the battle straight behind enemy lines. What is it they say? “Keep your friends close, and your enemies closer.”

Huber said that Google is dedicated to “providing amazing Google Maps experiences on iOS.” With Apple’s decision, along with Google’s recent maps event, many wondered whether Google would provide a standalone Maps app for iOS users in the same vain as its Android counterpart. You’d think the company would want to save some of its best mapping features for Android users, but with the situation the way it is, such a bold move seems likely.

This is why competition for end users is good. With Apple and Google competing head to head, both will be encouraged to innovate with new tricks and features, making the experience better for you and I. However, although Huber’s comments are encouraging, this doesn’t confirm what Google’s plans are beyond Google Earth for iOS, which is set to get 3D coverage.

Google I/O is mere days away, so hopefully we’ll get further word on the company’s plans for iOS.

[via TheNextWeb]

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