YouTube Could Net Google Billions in Gross Revenue This Year

by Brandon Russell | June 22, 2012

YouTube keyboard catSo we haven’t yet figured out how to grow money trees, but Google probably has the next best thing: YouTube. The video-sharing website is growing at an astronomical rate, which in turn is bringing in gigantic revenue for the search giant. In fact, according to one Wall Street estimate, Google will probably make $3.6 billion in gross revenue this year alone.

Basically, YouTube’s growth has been shooting up by 20 percent quarter after quarter, data from comScore suggests. That would make sense, considering 72 hours gets uploaded every sixty seconds. And the more videos and viewers, the more ads users see. In comparison, YouTube’s value is twice as good as Yahoo!’s Display Advertising, and about even with Netflix’s subscription revenue.

Once Google divvies up YouTube’s estimated gross revenue to partners, the company should net somewhere in the $2.5 billion range for 2012. As long as there are videos of cats doing the thriller, or playing the keyboard, Google’s YouTube monopoly will continue to rake in the dough.

[via AllThingsD]

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