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Windows Phone 8 Will Feature New Start Screen

Windows Phone 8 home screenMicrosoft just said that its latest Windows Phone 8 mobile operating system will feature a new start screen. Windows Phone 8 will allow users to set the size of each pinned tile, which means a sports-fanatic can have his or her screen primarily focused on sports with just a few small tiles indicating e-mail, calendar and messages. This is a really great option and we’re excited to hear more about what kind of new features the home screen will offer.

“The intent in our changing the live tiles support in Windows Phone 8 was not to make them more personal but to give a more consistent experience between Windows 8 live tiles and Windows Phone 8,” Microsoft Windows Phone manager Joe Belfiore said.

To resize tiles, simply long press and a small arrow in the lower right hand corner will appear; just drag to change the tile size — standard medium, small and a large “double wide” that can stretch across the entire display. If, say, you are a social media fiend, you can make your Facebook app stretch across the entire screen so it’s more accessible than, say, Internet Explorer if you don’t browse often.

In addition, Microsoft announced that Windows Phone 8 will introduce more colors for the homescreen, even furthering the company’s push to allow users to personalize their experience.

Todd Haselton

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