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T-Mobile Germany Refuses to Sell Nokia Lumia 900 With No Windows Phone Apollo Update

Nokia Lumia 900

T-Mobile Germany has decided not to stock the Nokia Lumia 900 after confirming that the smartphone will not receive Microsoft’s upcoming Windows Phone 8 Apollo upgrade. It would appear that the carrier would rather not sell the handset than tackle the undoubted surge of complaints when users realize their handset isn’t compatible with the Apollo release.

The news follows recent concerns from a number of European carriers, who have been unhappy with the slow adoption rates of Nokia’s Lumia devices on their side of the Atlantic. While the Windows Phone devices have been snapped up quickly by users in the United States, sales figures have been less than disappointing in Europe, with users choosing to spend their cash on Android and iOS devices instead.

Of course, the big concern here for anyone outside of Germany is that the Lumia 900, which has been on sale for just two months, will not receive the Windows Phone 8 Apollo update. Although we have known this for a while now, it still surprises me. With Nokia and Microsoft so focused on pushing Lumia devices, it’s astonishing that this decision has been made.

In comparison, Apple’s iOS 6 software, which will be released this fall, will support the iPhone 3GS — a device released in June 2009.

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