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Microsoft’s New Tablets Are No Match for Apple’s iPad, Analyst Says

Microsoft - Surface 2.0 - High End vs Low End - Comparison

Microsoft unveiled two tablets during a press event on Monday, including one that runs Windows RT and one that runs Windows 8, but neither will be a match for Apple’s iPad, one analyst has said. We argue that it might be too early to make that claims since Microsoft hasn’t announced a specific launch date or pricing details for either slab, but Jefferies analyst Peter Misek said Microsoft will need to undercut the price of the iPad in order to gain traction with consumers. Misek is also worried that developers won’t flock to Microsoft the way they have for Apple and, that, ultimately, could spell doom for Microsoft’s new tablets.

“The most important factor in the success of a tablet is its ecosystem. Based on our discussions with developers, we find the lack of enthusiasm concerning,” Misek told Reuters. Arguably, Microsoft’s Windows RT tablet is the only one that will compete with the iPad, since the Windows 8 version of the Surface is capable of running full x86 desktop applications and will instead compete against full-fledged notebooks. Windows RT, however, can’t run those x86 desktop applications and so developers will need to create new apps for it.

Another analyst with Forrester Research argued that selling two different Windows-branded tablets (here’s our guide to the differences) will likely confuse consumers — another battle that Microsoft is going to have to face.

[via Reuters]

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