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Google+ Integration is Coming to Flipboard


If you’re a long-time Flipboard for iOS user, or even a new one who just discovered Flipboard for Android on the Samsung Galaxy S III, then you may be pleased to know that the popular news reader will soon be introducing Google+ integration. Flipboard has partnered with Google and taken advantage of its extended APIs which will allow users to view streams, posts, photos, videos, and other data posted to Google+.

Google’s Vice President of Product Management, Bradley Horowitz, announced the partnership at Le Web ’12 in London. He did not, however, confirm a release date — though he did say the new feature is “coming soon” — and he was “coy” when probed about Google+’s popularity:

Horowitz was coy when asked about the success of Google+, noting that the 170 million user figure was “stale.” However, he did note that with Google I/O just days away, we can expect the company to provide more updates on its services at the event but also on its next earnings call.

Horowitz did reveal that Google+ has gained some users as a result of its newly-revamped Android and iOS applications.

Google+ will join the likes of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and other social services, which are already built into Flipboard.

Of course, Google already has its own news reader — which is a lot like Flipboard in terms of design — called Currents. Whether its new partnership means Currents will now be killed off is unclear, but it’s certain that its partnership with Flipboard will help Google+ grow more than Currents will. Maybe Google just had to bit the bullet and partner will a rival for the sake of its social network.

Will you use Google+ integration in Flipboard?

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