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Microsoft Surface Tablet Will Get Smart Covers With Built-In Keyboards

by Brandon Russell | June 18, 2012June 18, 2012 4:56 pm PST

Microsoft - Surface 2.0 - Tablet - Black - Keyboard

Smart covers are cool, but they lack one great feature: A Keyboard. Microsoft introduced two new “smart” cover ideas alongside its Surface tablet, one that’s touch and one that’s “type,” meaning users will get tactile feedback. The first Touch Cover connects to the device magnetically, much like on the iPad. At just 3mm thin, the cover is pressure sensitive — merely resting your fingers on the keys won’t input characters — and also sports a fully functioning track pad. The technology basically turns the tablet into an ultrabook. A tablook? Either way, longer emails and notes just got a whole lot easier to type.

The second cover acts much like the first, except it’s much more touchy-feely. Instead of flat keys, the Type Cover has clickable buttons, giving you that satisfying keyboard experience of a desktop. Click, click, click. Oh, and you’ll get multiple color options to match the bright color scheme of Windows 8. Colors like black, blue, red and pink. Who’s getting the pink?! Me. No blue, I mean blue.

Brandon Russell

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