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HTC Acknowledges One X Wi-Fi Issue, Promises Fix for Future Handsets

T-Mobile HTC One S - Next to Box

HTC has acknowledged an issue with its new One X handset that leads to a weak Wi-Fi signal and in some cases, no connection at all. Although the company insists that it is an isolated incidence, many users are experiencing the issue. Fortunately HTC has promised to rectify it.

The Taiwanese company told TechRadar:

“After investigating isolated reports of Wi-Fi connectivity issues in the HTC One X, we have identified a fix that strengthens the area of the phone around the Wi-Fi antennae connection points.

“While many customers have not experienced any problems with signal strength, we have taken immediate steps to implement a solution in our production process to prevent this issue from happening in the future.

“HTC is committed to making sure every customer has a great experience and we apologise for any inconvenience this issue may have caused while we conducted a thorough investigation.”

So, future batches of One X handsets won’t leave the factory with the same issue, then, but what about those that are already affected? Well, a fix for these isn’t so clear.

Although HTC has advised customers with faulty handsets to contact their customer service team for help, it hasn’t actually confirmed whether those customers will be given a replacement device, or whether their existing handset will be repaired.

If you have this issue and you contact HTC customer service, let us know how your issue is handled.

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