Genuine or Not? Xbox 720 Document Removed by Microsoft Lawyers.

by Brandon Russell | June 18, 2012

Xbox 720 documentThis might tell us something about the authenticity of that “Xbox 720” document that leaked over the weekend: Law firm Covington & Burling LLP, which lists Microsoft as one of its clients, has requested the sensitive information be removed from hosting website Scribd.

Does this mean the document is genuine? That’s still up for debate. But if Microsoft is worried the Internet will learn what it’s up to, if in fact the information is true, it’s way too late for that. The 56-page PowerPoint presentation unveiled a treasure trove of info: Xbox 720 moniker, Blu-Ray support, Kinect v2, Fortaleza AR glasses and a 2013 release.

This year’s E3 came and went without a word about the Redmond company’s next generation plans. Perhaps E3 2013 will be the stage where Microsoft introduces the 720, or whatever it will be called. If so, the company will have to work extra hard to surprise the video game faithful.

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