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Facebook Acquires, Brings Facial-Recognition Tech In-House

by Brandon Russell | June 18, 2012June 18, 2012 12:00 pm PST logoAuto-tag suggestions on Facebook are about to get more advanced thanks to the social network’s acquisition of Combine this news with Facebook’s recent Camera app, along with its Instagram purchase, and it’s not crazy to think mobile tagging is in the pipeline.

The mobile space is a huge opportunity for Facebook’s overall user engagement, TechCrunch suggests. Currently, millions of photos get uploaded to Zuck’s network without getting tagged; with, the tagging solution can be implemented in the backend, which would in turn drive more traffic to the social network because more notifications would be sent out.

If it wasn’t obvious how important Facebook believes the mobile space is after scooping up Instagram, Monday’s acquisition seals it. The rumored $100 million for, plus the $1 billion Facebook paid for Instagram, isn’t exactly chump change. We’ll see just how serious Facebook is once the deal closes “in the coming weeks.”

[via TechCrunch]

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