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WikiWars: A Geek Sport That’s Strangely Compelling, Should Be Televised (video)

by Adriana Lee | June 17, 2012June 17, 2012 6:00 am PDT

What young person hasn’t played WikiWars at least once? If you missed the boat on this, here’s the gist: Two competitors face off starting with the same word/Wiki page, with the goal of being the first to navigate to another via hyperlinks only. Anyone who has played knows that, as simple as it sounds, it actually requires a keen focus, a surprisingly large mental cache of geographical info and, of course, precision clicking.

It’s a hoot to play, and as this video proves, it’s actually also (oddly) a lot of fun to watch. (Who knew commentated geekery can be so compelling?)

I’m not sure what the premise of the vid is— is thegregorybrothers doing a clever spoof of televised sporting events, or is this some sort of genuine pilot for a proposed TV program? — but it proves that a tense match-up always makes for good entertainment.

Watch as WikiWarriors Evan and Michael tackle their 3rd round in a “best of 3” tournie.

[via Geekosystem]

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