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Microsoft to Unveil Tablet with Barnes & Noble, Say Sources

by Sean P. Aune | June 17, 2012June 17, 2012 4:45 pm PST

Nook - Xbox Live

The mysterious Microsoft event set for Monday in Los Angeles may have something to do with a joint venture between the company and Barnes & Noble.

On Friday Microsoft sent out extremely vague invitations for an event in Los Angeles that will commence at around 3:30 PST on Monday.  Even the location of the event is being kept secret until 10 AM PST that day to the people who will be attending.  Some speculation had been running to the idea that Microsoft would be unveiling a tablet, but it now appears the answer is slightly more complex than that.

According to sources speaking with TechCrunch, the new device is indeed a tablet, but it is from a partnership with Barnes & Noble and will have something to do with Xbox Live.

This doesn’t sound entirely crazy as Microsoft made a $300 million dollar investment in Barnes & Noble back in April to form a new company called (appropriately enough), Newco.  The idea of the two companies partnering up on a tablet makes perfect sense, but the idea of it somehow involving Xbox Live seems a tad odd to us.

If that is the primary aspect of the tablet, why wouldn’t it have been announced at E3 2012 which happened just two weeks ago?  Also, it doesn’t seem that the gaming press has received invitations, and wouldn’t Microsoft want them there?  While it is possible Xbox Live may be a feature on the device, it seems unlikely that it will be the primary focus.

We will be attending the event in Los Angeles tomorrow – wherever it happens to be – so be sure to follow our Microsoft Tablet Liveblog when it kicks off.

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