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Sotheby’s Auctions Off Steve Jobs Memo and Apple I Motherboard for $402,000

by Todd Haselton | June 15, 2012June 15, 2012 6:30 pm PST

Sotheby’s recently auctioned off an original Apple I motherboard and a memo from Steve Jobs for a total of $402,000. The motherboard reportedly brought in a total of $374,500, BBC┬ásaid, while the four-page hand-written memo from Jobs sold for $27,500. The auction was held in New York City and the motherboard sale “set a new record for the collector’s item,” BBC noted. Both items sold for far more then the auctioneer estimated they would bring it.

The memo was originally expected to gain about $15,000 and the Apple I sold for twice the price Sotheby’s believed it was valued at. Apple reportedly only created 200 Apple I devices, which were sold for just $666.66 when they first hit the market. Only 50 Apple I motherboards are said remain in the world, BBC said, noting that the motherboard was hand-made by Steve Wozniak.

Steve Jobs, meanwhile, wrote the memo while he worked at Atari. It discussed how Atari might enhance its “World Cup” soccer game. Jobs was just 19 years old when he drafted it.

[via BBC, The Verge]

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