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BlackBerry’s 10’s New Music Player Gets Unveiled In Leaked Photos

If you’ve managed to stay devoted to Research in Motion’s BlackBerry devices while others are fleeing to the likes of Android, iOS, and Windows Phone, then you’re probably looking forward to BlackBerry 10 a lot. The operating system got its first unveiling at BlackBerry World back in May, but there are a lot of features that RIM kept under cover.

One of those is BlackBerry 10’s new media player, which has now been uncovered in a series of leaked photos obtained by CrackBerry. As you can see from the image above, it looks really rather attractive. Its dark user interface sports a typical, touch-friendly layout, with touches of cyan to highlight functions, such as the slider and tabs.

Like music apps you’ll find on other smartphones, this one’s dominated by album artwork that sits in the center of the screen. At the top you’ll find details of the artist you’re listening to, and the name of the album. Plus the shuffle and repeat functions.

In CrackBerry’s other images, we get a look at BlackBerry 10’s “flow” navigation, which allows you to slide between your apps. In addition to its new gesture-based keyboard, which, according to CrackBerry, is “so freaking awesome.”


Are you looking forward to BlackBerry 10?

[via CrackBerry]

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