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Artists Mine Video Games for Virtual Landscape Art

by Adriana Lee | June 15, 2012June 15, 2012 10:00 pm PST

As time marches on, video game graphics seem to be getting incredibly good. My husband, a well-seasoned machinima producer, often shows me the eye-popping visuals in his PC games (for work, of course. He’s only playing games to stay familiar with the different game engines he needs for work. Uh, yeah right).

So should it surprise anyone to know that a new category of art based on the medium is dawning? Seems artists are experimenting with virtual landscape photography from video games. And why not? Games are filled with epic imagery and surreal scenery to back up the action from Skyrim, the Crysis series, the Medal of Honor games and more.

As artist Mark Tribe puts it, “there are a few games that came out in the last couple years where the landscapes are really on par with landscapes you would see in the Metropolitan Museum, like the Hudson River school or Dutch landscape painters.”

What do you think? Could you see any of the video game landscape art below hanging in a museum?

[via Buzzfeed]


Black Creek by Mark Tribe

Black Creek by Mark Tribe

Bottsford Hollow by Mark Tribe


Rush Creek by Mark Tribe


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