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T-Mobile VP Discusses iPhone, LTE Network Modernization Progress

T-Mobile USA’s senior vice president of technology, Daniel Mayo provided a status update on his company’s planned LTE deployment on Thursday. Taking to T-Mobile’s blog, Mayo detailed the carrier’s $4 billion strategy that will involve partnerships with Ericsson and Nokia Siemens Networks. Slated to go live sometime in 2013, T-Mobile plans to modernize 37,000 cell sites and switch to LTE release 10 capable devices.

“Initially, this effort will improve existing voice and data coverage, make our 4G network compatible with a broader range of devices (including the iPhone), and pave the way for long term evolution (LTE) service next year,” said Mayo.

T-Mobile is making impressive progress and projects that it will have its first 400 modernized GSM / HSPA+ sites up by the end of this month. It also plans on increasing this number to 2,500 sites by the end of July. T-Mobile said it has secured necessary zoning approval for around 19,500 sites and needed building permits for more than 4,000 sites, too. T-Mobile is also conducting tests of its 4G HSPA+ using its 1,900MHz spectrum during the whole process.

Mayo also said that customers with unlocked iPhones on T-Mobile’s network saw increased data speeds in San Francisco during the Moscone West conference.

Closing his blog entry, Mayo revealed that LTE trials are underway and that T-Mobile plans to begin testing with LTE release 10 devices sometime this summer. While T-Mobile may be off to a late start in mobile’s ongoing LTE race, it does still give America’s fourth largest wireless carrier the opportunity to utilize the latest network technology while building its new network.

It’s obvious that T-Mobile is looking to add Apple’s popular smartphone to its roster, but with a strategy primarily set to conclude next year and telltale signs of a new iPhone approaching, the magenta shaded carrier appears to be racing against the clock.

[via: T-Mobile Blog]

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