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Mad Dog McCree Now For Sale in the Nintendo 3DS eShop

by Joey Davidson | June 14, 2012June 14, 2012 5:30 pm PST

Listen up, you pack of ne’er do wells and rapscallions, Mad Dog McCree is one of the best wild west shooters there ever was and ever will be. I can remember hitting the Jolly Time Arcade next to the food court at my local mall with a pocket of change and a thirst for cheesy one-liners and excellent “realism.”

Mad Dog McCree, in all of its on-rails, cheeseball glory, is officially available for purchase within the Nintendo 3DS eShop. If you grew up in arcades, you remember this game. It’s silly, and it’s awesome. The trailer at the head of this post should be indicative of those qualities.

The game sells for $7.99. That’s considerably less than I pumped into it during the early 90s. Also joining the eShop today is Donkey Kong Jr., a port of the classic arcade title.

Joey Davidson

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