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Sprint Reducing the Samsung Epic 4G Touch’s Price to $99.99 on June 21st (Exclusive)

One of the great things about the addition of a new flagship phone is the fact that you can almost guarantee a price drop on last year’s model. Case in point, Sprint’s version of the Samsung Galaxy S II which was released less than a year ago will be dropping to $99.99. This information comes from a trusted source who confirms that the Now Network will be reducing the Epic 4G Touch to near bargain bin status on June 21st which happens to be the same day that the Samsung Galaxy S III releases.

Sure the Epic 4G Touch may not be packed with the latest innards, but this dual-core brute is far from a slouch. If you’re an Android enthusiast on a budget, and Sprint’s forthcoming LTE support in your area is questionable, this has the potential to be a great buy, especially if you happen to reside in a WiMAX friendly area.

Mark Hearn

Mark Hearn is a nerd's nerd if ever such a thing existed. Covering the mobile scene for several years, he also has a love for film, sports, gaming...