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EA Overcharges Gamers for Battlefield Premium in Australia

Yet again, Electronic Arts has been successfull in causing a bit of a ruckus among their not-so-loyal-customers. It looks like gamers in Australia are being mislead by EA and are unwillingly overpaying for the newly released Battlefield 3 Premium

EA had the title listed at $44.99 AU, but made no effort to mention that this was only the price of for the PC version of the game. Customers began to realize that they had just payed $66 AU for the Xbox 360 version, or $79.95 AU for the PlayStation 3 version. Those scammed by EA were undoubtedly in an uproar.

As of now, EA’s only course of action has been to drop the price of the PlayStation 3 version to $64.95, and refund the $14.95 the buyers who have overpaid. No acknowledgement for Xbox 360 customers.

For everything bundled with Battlefield 3 Premium, $65 is a reasonable price. But EA can’t be completely misleading people by letting them believe that the game is only $45. This just about sums up EA’s relationship with their more die-hard gaming fan-base over the last several years. Deception, followed by little or no action.

It’s obvious that EA will never get a reputation in customer service that compares to the likes of other developers such as the fan-favorite Valve if they keep up this stuff, but they’ve certainly got quite a bit of room to step up their game.

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