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Smart Startup: Smarterer Lets Employers Test For Skills, Instead of Hiring By Past Experience

by Adriana Lee | June 11, 2012June 11, 2012 9:00 pm PDT

It happens all the time. We go on job interviews, just knowing we’d be perfect for a particular position, only to see it go to someone who looks good on paper, but is far less likely to succeed in it.

With Smarterer, those days could be over. The Boston-based startup proposes that employers should quiz job candidates for a better idea of how they’d perform. This is basically like “gamifying” the recruitment process. Crowdsourcing test designs, Smarterer not only uses a smart ranking system to score job seekers, but it also allows them to share their results. (The ranking system is based on Glicko, the same rating system used in ranking chess masters. This platform learns with every answered question, allowing the system’s algorithm to better gauge the mastery of the participant as it goes.)

Smarterer recently launched “Skill Sets,” a new feature that lets companies use Smarterer tests as part of their online employment applications. This tactic has worked wonders for the company: Skill Sets sparked 1,250 percent growth within a single week. After a slow inaugural period, the startup now offers more than 500 skills to test, and its community has answered 10 million+ questions (at an average of 70,000 questions daily).

This kind of testing could open up huge opportunities, especially for talented newbies who don’t necessarily have a wealth of work experience.

Would you like to see more companies hire based on skills, or should they stick to the tried-and-true method of recruiting based on resumés? Weigh in.

[via TechCrunch, source Smarterer]

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