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Facebook Fatigue Is Mounting, Says Reuters Poll

Something interesting is happening to Facebook users across the country: Apparently people are starting to get Facebook fatigue, says a new Reuters poll.

The survey — by Reuters and research company Ipsos — wasn’t actually intended as a behavioral study (more like a business report), but it still revealed some interesting results: Of about 1,000+ American users, about a third are getting Facebooked out. Not only that, four out of five Facebook users have never made a purchase on the social network due to advertising they’ve seen. Considering how Facebook monetization is constantly in the news, it’s pretty interesting that these advanced marketing tactics aren’t really working.

Have you ever bought anything as a result of Facebook marketing? And are you still Facebooking as much as ever, or are you increasingly saying “Meh” to the social network? Share in the comments.

[via Reuters]

Adriana Lee

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