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Explore Historic and Cultural Sites With Google’s World Wonders Project

by Brandon Russell | June 9, 2012June 9, 2012 4:00 pm PST

World Wonders ProjectIt won’t be long before exploring virtual destinations is considered to be an actual vacation. The experience of being there can’t be replaced by what you see in pictures, but darn it, Google is doing its best to try. The search giant announced a brand new World Wonders Project, which brings 132 historic sites from 18 countries right to globetrotting daydreamers. The new initiative lets users visit places like Stonehenge, the archaeological areas of Pompeii, and Yosemite National Park.

As you may have guessed, World Wonders takes advantage of Google’s Street View technology, which was apparently attached to trikes instead of cars, Google said. Each site included in the project features a 3D model and YouTube videos to get a more in depth experience of the destination. We gave a few sites a quick tour, and it seemed like a pretty well thought out project that is sure to help students and curious nomads.

You can exploring here at the World Wonders Project.

[via Google Blog]

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