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Galaxy S III Requires Samsung’s Own HDTV Adapter; Won’t Work With Existing Connectors

If you purchased an HDTV adapter for your Samsung Galaxy S II or Galaxy Nexus, you’ll need to pick up a brand new one when you upgrade to the Galaxy S III, because it won’t work with Samsung’s latest handset. The Korean company has reportedly changed the pin layout in the Galaxy S III so that existing MHL-HDMI adapters are incompatible.

The issue was spotted by British retailer Clove, who tested the handset with older adapters and found that they didn’t work. “The Galaxy S3 has a different pin connection so you need a different adapter” the company writes on its blog. “It works in exactly the same way but has the correct pin connections so your S3 display will be shown on a HD monitor or TV.”

Unfortunately, it seems the only reason for this is to force you into purchasing Samsung’s own adapter, which is priced at around $40 (£25). What isn’t clear is whether this adapter is backwards compatible with other handsets, or whether it will only work with the Galaxy S III. However, one assumes that if the pin layout has been modified, the answer to that question will be no.

That’s obviously going to be frustrating to those who have already purchased an MHL-HDMI adapter for their other devices, especially since the format was promoted as a cross-platform standard.

How do you feel about this?

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