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Facebook’s App Center Expected to Launch Within Days

Facebook App Center

Facebook’s new App Center, the social network’s equivalent to application marketplaces like App Store or Google Play which will be integrated into the Facebook website and its mobile apps, is expected to make its debut within days, according to a source “briefed by Facebook on the service.”

The new service could make its debut as early as today, Business Insider reports, when Facebook holds an “Apps and Drinks” press event for developers:

Facebook did not comment on whether the service would be launching tomorrow or not, saying it had nothing to share. […]

However, we are confident in our source.

Also worth noting: Facebook is holding an “Apps and Drinks” press event tomorrow to meet with developers — which suggests that the company will unveil it around that time.

Facebook holds these events quarterly in various cities, but the timing does seem suspiciously coincidental.

The App Center, which was unveiled back in May, is widely believed to be Facebook’s attempt to keep developers interested in its platform. Without it, there’s no real reason for them to stick around, and they could easily flee to iOS and Android and cut their ties with the social network. But with it, Facebook can highlight great apps and help developers get theirs recognized, so it’s a good incentive to stay onboard.

The App Center won’t only feature apps that are native to the social network, but also those that connect to it for sharing.

Are you looking forward to the App Center?

[via Business Insider]

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