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Apple’s iOS Still Top Choice for Developers Over Android

by Todd Haselton | June 7, 2012June 7, 2012 4:15 pm PDT

iOS vs Android

Several popular iOS applications have finally made their way to Android — Instapaper and Instagram are two examples — but developers are still flocking to Apple’s iOS operating system first. In fact, new data from Flurry Analytics found that, of every 10 apps developed,  7 are for iOS. “While Google made some gains in Q1 2012, edging up to over 30% for the first time in a year, we believe this is largely due to seasonality, as Apple traditionally experiences a spike in developer support leading up to the holiday season,” Flurry Analytics explained. ” Apple’s business has more observable seasonality.”

Developers are more attracted to Apple because of its success in the tablet market, too. Developers that create iOS apps for the iPhone or the iPod touch are set to run on the iPad easily. “That’s like getting two platforms for the price of one,” Flurry Analytics mused, noting that this allows developers to have a larger reach. Worse, Android developers have to face fragmentation when developing for both tablets and smartphones. 70% of all Android devices, for example, still run Google’s last-generation (soon to be two generations old) Gingerbread operating system. Plus, there’s more money in iOS, Flurry says. “For every $1.00 a developer earns on iOS, he can expect to earn about $0.24 on Android. These results mirror earlier findings from similar analysis Flurry conducted in Q4 of 2011 and Q1 of 2012.”

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