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Apple Awarded Broad MacBook Air Patent for Wedge Design, Could be Bad for Ultrabooks

by Brandon Russell | June 7, 2012June 7, 2012 12:30 pm PST

MacBook Air wedge patentThe ultrabook movement might die before it even gets started. At CES this past January, manufacturers — from Lenovo to Dell to Samsung — championed the razor-thin computers as the next big thing. But a “broad” patent recently awarded to Apple might mean trouble for the swelling ultrabook market.

The patent in question, according to The Verge, covers the Air’s wedge design (as shown by the solid lines in the above picture), meaning that any ultrabook that falls into this category is fair game. And because the patent is so broad, Apple is within its rights to go after manufacturers that make ultrabooks that look sorta, kinda the same, but employ an overall design that clearly shows a noticeable difference.

Even though Tim Cook expressed his irritation with litigation, Apple certainly hasn’t shied away from going after the competition. Lately, it’s seems like an Apple vs. The World landscape. Let’s hope the company doesn’t start crying foul against every other ultrabook out there, even if it could.

[via The Verge]

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