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Verizon Galaxy S III Could be Coming the Second Week of July

Verizon announced on Monday that it would begin accepting pre-orders for the Samsung Galaxy S III on June 6th. However, for some reason, Big Red’s press release didn’t include any details regarding the Galaxy S III’s actual release date. If pre-orders aren’t really your thing and you’d like to know when you can walk in and out of a retailer with a Galaxy S III in your hands, then you’re definitely not alone. A purported screenshot from Verizon sent over to Android Central states that pre-orders will ship by July 9th.

If pre-orders are scheduled to arrive no later than July 9th, which happens to be a Monday, it’s pretty safe to assume that the Galaxy S III would be arriving to Verizon customers during the second week of July. However, accepting pre-orders almost an entire month before a device’s retail release just sounds weird to us. Hopefully Verizon will soon shed some light on the mystery of the Galaxy S III’s release date, but until then we’ll use this as a benchmark.

[via: AndroidCentral]

Mark Hearn

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