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Alleged 13.3 MacBook Pro Specs Don’t Show Many Changes

by Sean P. Aune | June 5, 2012June 5, 2012 6:30 am PDT

MacBook Pro 13.3 alleged specs 2012

A photo has surfaced that is alleged to be the specs for the new MacBook Pro 13.3-inch model, and it doesn’t show as many changes as expected.

The photo shown above appeared on the Chinese Weiphone forums and purports to be the specs for the rumored MacBook Pro 13.3-inch refresh that may arrive as early as next week.  While a lot of rumors have said that the new update would be a much thinner model, so much is unchanged in these specs that it would be difficult for the device to lose any of its weight, and it actually comes in two ounces heavier than the previous model.

Among the upgrades are a new 2.5GHz Ivy Bridge processor, Intel HD Graphics 4000 GPU, Bluetooth 4.0 and update to USB 3.0.  What hasn’t changed, however, is the resolution of the screen which is still listed as 1280×800 which would shoot down all of the Retina Display rumors.  Other specs that remain unchanged are the RAM, Hard Drive and Super Drive, the last two being the big hurdles to a thinner design.

As with any leaked images such as this, they are to be considered suspect.  The original poster of the image says he received it from a friend within Apple, but that doesn’t add a ton of credence to the story.  Should the rumor be true of an unveiling next week, we’ll learn the validity of this image in short order.

[via MacRumors]

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