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Watch ESPN, NBA and NHL Coming to Xbox 360

by John Fick | June 4, 2012June 4, 2012 10:38 am PST

Today, Microsoft announced that they will be brigning Watch EPSN, NBA, and NHL apps to an Xbox near you.

Living up to the speculation surrounding Microsoft’s E3 briefing , media is a huge part of their show. Microsoft is expanding their partnership with ESPN with Watch ESPN. This will allow users to watch ESPN 24/7, live, on their Xbox 360. Also, the NBA and NHL will now have apps added to the Xbox 360.

Microsoft has really strived to make their Xbox 360 the complete entertainment experience. They continue to pull out the big guns and snag partnerships with all the major entertainment providers.

Check back in to TechnoBuffalo to see what else Microsoft has up their sleeve as they attempt to make the Xbox 360 the only device in your living room.

John Fick

A Buffalo, New York student studying journalism. Intern for TechnoBuffalo's Gaming department.